Dental Temp Agency Services


Quality Dental Temp Agency Services

We pre-screen all of our professionals checking their skills, references, licenses, certifications and backgrounds so you can have peace with them in your office. In addition, we know specific qualifications of every dental temp in our service so we can respond when you have a need. Our dental temps are screened and prepared in advance so your work day can continue to be productive. Our exclusive dental temp agency is very particular about the temps working for us, reflecting the high standards of our clients. And, we ask for feedback for each dental temp assignment, so we can continue to improve where needed.
Here are some reasons to try our Dental Temp Agency:

  • We are a 24 hour service and can respond quickly when your office is pre-registered.  It costs nothing to pre-register with Florida Dental Staffing, and we won’t bug you will a pile of junk mail. It just helps us be better prepared to serve you.
  • We are available 7 days. Have an emergency and need a dental temp to assist on a Sunday? No problem
  • Our dental temps are knowledgeable and experienced. We are not a training camp for new-comers. Even our new graduates have to be top of their class and have excellent references.
  • Our dental temps are professionally dressed, with uniforms cleaned and pressed, hair done nicely, and especially clean teeth! We understand there is no worse advertisement for your office than a temp with bad oral hygiene.
  • Our temps arrive on time.
  • All of our dental temps are non-smokers.
  • We do not allow our dental temps to chew gum on the job.

Dental Temp ServiceOur highly professional team of experts are here to fill your temporary staffing needs with qualified individuals who are dedicated to serve. We highly recommend that you pre-register so when you have a need we can react quickly to provide a dental temp that meets your requirements. We do not sell your information, it is used strictly to service your needs. Once registered, you can either call or simply fill out a service request form with your specific needs. We receive your request immediately and begin to locate a qualified dental temp to fill the gap. If you are pre-registered we can usually respond within an hour to find your qualified temp. If you are not yet registered and have an emergency, give us a call and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

If your situation is more of a permanent need, we have permanent placement services that provide a 90 day trial period.
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